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Inspiring interviews with thought-leaders and game-changers in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga. Join Guy Macpherson, PhD at as we hear about the journeys of passionate mental health workers who dedicate their lives to helping others heal and thrive.

Dr. Fredrike Bannink MDR is a clinical psychologist and a Master of Dispute Resolution based in Amsterdam.

She is an internationally recognized CBT, Positive psychology and Solution-Focused presenter and trainer and the author of more than 25 books. She is also a Mental Health Trainer for Doctors without Borders.

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With a professional background in both yoga and treatment industry marketing, as well as a personal history of perseverance and recovery, Monique brings a uniquely balanced perspective to her work.

She has been teaching trauma-aware, Psychologically-Informed Yoga ™ in large group and private one-on-one settings since 2006. Keenly interested in the intersection between yoga and behavioral health services, Monique has been published in Addiction Professional Magazine and several other local/national publications. Though not a clinician, she has earned a graduate level certificate in The Clinical Foundations of Trauma from State University of NY, Buffalo, and dedicated much of her life to volunteering in environments that serve disenfranchised or traumatized individuals.

Monique recently launched a Psychologically-Informed Yoga Teacher training program that focuses on serving those in the helping professions. She is also in the process of developing a pilot yoga program which launches this month at the The Shelter for Abused Women in Naples, Florida More about Monique and her work can be found online at

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Debi Grebenik, Ph.D., LCSW, is the director of a Colorado Child Placement Agency that specializes in trauma work in their foster care program as well as their community and clinical programs.

She is a part-time professor in a Master's of Social Work program and also maintains a small private practice for failing adoptions or families with acute trauma histories. She loves to bake, run, read, and play with her 7 grandchildren.

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Elaine Miller-Karas LCSW is the executive director and co-founder of the Trauma Resource Institute. She is adjunct faculty at Loma Linda University’s School of Social Work and Social Ecology and has both orchestrated and presented at international projects throughout the world.

Her work in Africa included training the Kenyan Association of Professional Counselors and the 2007 Conference to end Female Genital Mutilation.

Elaine’s book is titled Building Resilience to Trauma: The Trauma and Community Resiliency Models.She co-authored the Trauma and Community Resiliency Model workbooks as well as contributed to to the Rescue: Stories of Healthcare Workers at the Scenes of Disaster.

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The Trauma Therapist Live! podcasts are shorter segments in which I reflect on the themes and topics coming up on the podcast and discuss the nuts and bolts of how these themes pertain to the trauma therapist, what we can learn from them, and how we can apply them in the work we do.

Today: Mindset. Specfically the mindset of the trauma therapist. This topic fascinates me because it's all about us a therapists being aware of who we are, how we are and the level of our awareness. In addition, it involves us being mindful of our hopes, wishes, expectations of and for our clients, as well as the plans we might have for our clients.

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The Trauma Therapist Live! podcasts are shorter segments in which I reflect on the themes and topics coming up on the podcast and discuss the nuts and bolts of how these themes pertain to the trauma therapist, what we can learn from them, and how we can apply them in the work we do.

In this episode I talk about the Stabilization phase of the 3-Part Trauma Treatment Model. Specifically I talk about the many opportunities within this phase for us as clinicians to connect and communicate with our clients, as well as to build rapport with and provide psychoeducation to our clients. How do we as new trauma therapists keep it all together while maintaining composure, presence and empathy?

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Tom Kavanaugh is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Tom is Licensed Master Trainer in PhotoReading Whole Mind System™ as well as in Neuro Linguistic Programming™.

Tom has created The R.E.L.E.A.S.E. Method™, a multi-faceted protocol, based upon accelerated learning techniques that release attachment to the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress.

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Laura Brown is a feminist trauma psychologist who practices psychotherapy and forensic psychology in Seattle and has published extensively on topics related to trauma treatment, feminist practice, cultural competence, ethics, and LGBT concerns.

She is the founder and director of the Fremont Community Therapy Project, a training clinic serving low-income individuals.

Her first popular press book is: Your turn for care: Surviving the aging and death of the adults who harmed you.

Laua is a late-in-life student of aikido.

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Rick Bata is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 20 year’s experience in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of domestic violence.

Rick, a Vietnam veteran, is also a Military & Family Life Consultant and Contractor with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and provides coaching, education and support to help families adjust to military life and the deployment cycle(s).

As a trauma specialist, Rick has been providing pro bono services to returning combat veterans dealing with issues of PTSD and Combat related stressors since the onset of the Gulf War.

His current passion is as Visionary and CEO of The Warrior Project of San Jose.

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