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Inspiring interviews with thought-leaders and game-changers in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga. Join Guy Macpherson, PhD at as we hear about the journeys of passionate mental health workers who dedicate their lives to helping others heal and thrive.

Kimberly Rezarch M.S.W. is a survivor of severe childhood trauma and forced psychiatry. Over the course of 20 years in the mental health system, Kimberly was given 25 different mental health diagnoses and prescribed 11 medications to be taken simultaneously. It wasn’t until her psychiatrist became trauma-informed, that her life was saved with a new diagnosis, Dissociative Identity Disorder. This diagnosis indicated the severity of her trauma, but also provided the answers she was searching for.

During her recovery journey, she developed the Trauma Motivated Outcomes Theory, which recognizes trauma as the motivation behind behaviors. Kimberly also sees that responses to trauma accumulate over time, mimicking mental illness and developing into Trauma Response Syndrome. Kimberly created the Trauma Response Syndrome Model to assist in the recovery from Trauma Response Syndrome. Kimberly wants to bring hope to those who suffer from trauma and provide new tools for mental health professionals.

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